Apalus Brush Hair Straightener Reviews


The reason why Apalus Hair straightened raises above others that you will find out there is its flexibility. This one is one of the most powerful hair strengtheners brush by this time. Along with flexibility and performance, apalus hair straightener also ensures safety and nourishes hair.


As there are lots of talk about this one, I think why shouldn’t offer an in depth review on this to my readers. That’s why today I’m here with apalus brush hair straightener reviews.

Product Specification of Apalus Brush Hair Straightener


Temperature Range;

Auto Shutdown: Yes.

Temperature Controlling: Yes.

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Power range: Both 110 V and 240 V

Power Cord: 360 Degree anti winding.

Features & Benefits of Apalus Brush Hair Straightener

Integration of Modern Technology

The very first thing that I want to mention about this straightener is, this is an integration of latest technology. As for example, the body is constructed with high-performance thermoplastic. The specialty of this is, it’s resistant to melting as well as light weight. Again the heat creating agents are properly sealed and therefore safe. Also the modern plugs that automatically shut down this if not used for sixty minutes.


As the user can control the temperature as their need, this one offers great efficiency. Again the head of this straightener is pretty much wide. Hence it has more teeth. As a result, this one works more efficiently with any hair.

Again the height temperature that this straightened can raise is 450-Degree F. Therefore, no matter how thick your hair or how much curly they are, this will work great. Moreover, this one only takes one minute to reach 365 degrees F that is remarkable.


This is the main point that every user looks for most, and this hair straightener is ready to ensure it anytime.

Firstly this one has the entire controlling button in a series. Therefore the operation of this is pretty much easier than others. Again the chord is long enough as well as ant-winding. An LED display easily lets you track the temperature.

Again this one has a long temperature range that starts from 125 degrees F and ends at 450 F. Whether it’s a 110 V source or 240 V, this one works with both.

Care & Safety for Hair

This one(apalus brush hair straightener) not only straightens but also takes care of hair and ensures safety to them.

The heating coils are fully insulated. So there is no chance of burning. Also, apalus hair straightener brush is fully leak proof and has auto shutdown system. The anti-scaled teeth prevent hair from scalding and hence nourishes. The oily sheen spray makes hairs shiner and silky.

But one thing that I can't help but mention is when you use apalus brush hair straightener at the highest temperature, you must use gloves as the surface of this hair straightener gets hot enough to touch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Apalus Hair Straightener Brush


Question: Can I use this with wet hair?

Answer: No. You should use this only with dry hair or moderately wet hair.

Question: I have really thick and curly hair. Will it be suitable for me?

Answer: This one has the height temperature rating of 450 degrees. Therefore it will surely work well.

Question: Can I use this for my do?

Answer: Although sounds funny. But you can.

Question: What is the temperature for average hair?

Answer: There is no bound. But 250 are recommended.

Question: Should I use oil before using this?

Answer: No. This one has oil sheen spray.


  • Performs better than a flat iron.
  • Auto shut down feature.
  • More teeth for better straightening.
  • Great flexibility.
  • Quick and long lasting performance.
  • Good with thick and curly hair.


  • The surface gets too hot while operating in high temperature.
  • This item is heavier.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we are at the bottom of this review. In conclusion, putting it all together, we can say that this apalus brush hair straightener is ready to fulfill all the demands of anyone with its upgraded features and awesome flexibilities. So, if you love this one, for the further experience about apalus hair straightener brush reviews just check here.



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