How to Straighten Hair Naturally without any Product or Heat

Look, dress and getup are some of the criteria by which, a person is judged. Hair is undoubtedly the important part of our beauty. Now a day, everyone is too conscious about style and trends that, hair has also become a part of styles. So, we are trying our best to keep our hair nice and clean. Sometimes we face problem regarding straightening our hair. The maximum case we try to use heat or chemical straighteners. Unfortunately, both of them damage hair exceedingly. There are certain ways to do that without damaging hair. So, in today's article, we are going to discuss How to straighten hair without heat fast.

So why to wait? Let’s get started.

The common processes we use to straighten hair naturally

How to make your hair straight naturally? Or which method you use to straighten hair without heat fast?. Here we disclose the common process we use to straighten hair overnight. let's go.

Using silicon cream:

Using silicon cream is one of the ways to strengthen hair. Silicon cream gives an oily gesture on hair which helps the hair to make straight by just using a comb. Just brush the hair to give a proper shape. Oil is the key ingredients of this method as prevents curling.

Brushing and blow-drying hair:

This method is quite popular due to its easy and simple approach. First, comb the wet hair straight. Then use the blow dryer to dry. But keep brushing again and again. After drying the hair, you will have nice straight hair.

Using flat iron:

This method gives a better result than the previous. In the beginning, start washing hair. After proper wash, you can use the comb to brush. Finally, use a flat iron to heat up. This method gives better straighten hair than the methods discussed above.

Use hair products:

Using hair product is one of the common approaches, today lots of people use. Hair gel, hair spray, putties, etc. are the most common products used every day. When the previous methods don't help to straighten the hair, this is the perfect way to solve the issue. Lots of superstars, celebrities are using this method to style their glamorous hair.

Using keratin protein:

It's a prevalent method used in Brazil. In salons, Keratin protein is applied on hair. Then it's heated for some time. Mainly flat iron is used for drying purpose. Meanwhile, you will get a shiny and good-looking hair.

Why should we avoid heat?

Before describing how to straighten hair without heat we should know about why we need to avoid the heat. Here are the reasons why we need to avoid the heat.

Heat means damage:

It might be the scenario if you apply heat on a regular basis. More importantly, a person with a nice hair can face the scenario if regularly heat is dispersed on hair. You might get shocked to know regularly using heat near 450o F damaged hair from the scalp regularly.

Heat damages can’t be repaired:

We have S-S bond (Sulfur-Sulfur bond) in our hair which increases the strength to withhold the hair straight. It also provides strength along with protein. Excess use of heat means damaging this bond. That essentially means hair will start falling too soon.

Heat makes hair look unnatural:

First, you might not believe the above line. But this statement is true. Heat strengthened hair looks incredible day by day. It creates an awkward situation with the unreal hair look. Rather than using branded shampoo and regular combing gives a better result.

Unconscious overheating:

Sometimes heating is applied with the unconscious mind. We don’t look at the temperature or the heat level. As a result, there is a great chance of burning hair or causing hair damages. This sort of damages is quite common for new users and regular users. Sometimes the use of cheap dryer and old dryer causes the problem more significant. They have a lack of temperature control equal distribution of heat and so on.

Decrease hair growth:

Use of regular basis heat causes an inevitable problem called hair loss. It also decreases the hair growth rate. So, hair starts to grow much slower. It results in the hair to be mildly intensive.

All the above, we have discussed the common methods of straightening hair as well as demerits of using heat.

Now we are going to discuss the ways how to straitening hair without heat overnight.

How to straighten hair without heat or  straightener

There are many ways that I can tell you about how to straighten hair without heat overnight. now we discuss the ways.

Dry, wet hair with continuous brushing:

Wash your hair carefully, then let air to dry hair completely, but keep brushing for at least five minutes for each. Pull and hold each part of hair for a few moments to straighten. You might also be a fan to perform. It helps to dry faster, but keep continuous brushing for a better result.

Pin the wet hair tightly

It is an effective method for straightening. First, when hair is wet, brush it and divide it down the center. Brush the left portion over to the right and move it to the back of your head, ensure it with hair pins (bobby pins). Flip the right section to left side, wrap, and do the pinning in the same way. Later, use a scarf or other cloth to cover the hair.

Roll the hair

It might sound quite awkward this is a quite effective method for straightening. Just Use a large hair roller, i.e. the size of soda cans or another cylindrical shaped object can do the work. Roll on different parts of the hair. Bind them tightly against your head. And finally, dry hair completely. It is the most important part of this method because a small amount of moisture can make the hair curly again.

Elastic & pony tail method:

This method is also known as pony tail method or elastic method. The trickiest part of this way is finding the lost hair. After finding them while your hair is wet, comb out if any curls are there and apply a frizz-free product. Best precaution might be Putting hair in a ponytail which helps hair to be low enough to avoid the pulling. After that, start sectioning the ponytail with excess hair and tie in small sizes. Make sure to use soft hair elastic which helps to prevent hair breakage.

(Note: this method is quite similar to "banding," where you stretch Curly hair to make it longer.

Using natural Mask:

Masks are quite effective for long time benefits. Experts recommend using milk and honey mask. Mix 1 cup of milk with 1 tbsp. Of honey. Then let the mixture to soak into hair. Wait for a while. After an hour, wash the hair out.

To all of these methods, add a few drops of sweet almond or coconut oil to remove frizz and smooth out the look. This method is quite efficient for not only straightening but also give a shiny and silky hair with glamour look.

Here is a video about how to straighten hair without heat:

Final verdict

Hair is our most important factor of beauty. We try our best to do everything for a better look in hair. To give the important of your beauty we discuss how to straighten hair without heat fast naturally. May be using heat helps to straighten the beauty of hair, but it’s a temporary process. So rather we should try the alternatives to increase the beauty of our essential component.

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