How to Use a Round Brush on Your Own Hair

A round brush is basically used for styling hair. Hence, you can shape the design of your hair and keep its flexibility by using a round brush. Round brushes are designed in such a way to give you flexible movement on your hair wherever you need. After proper round brushing, you will discover a beautiful, voluminous blow out on your lovely hair.

How do you feel when someone makes good compliments of your hairs? That’s why you need to know how to use a round brush on your own hair. The process is not that difficult but a little bit tricky. In this article, I am going to share step by step guideline about that. Hopefully, this guideline must include some effective ideas in your knowledge.

Step by Step Guide How to Use a Round Brush on your own hair

Initially, round brushing on your hair can take time. But with a couple of hair products and equipment's, you can enjoy your best hair brushing. Let’s have a comfortable discussion about that.

1. Prepare your hair

At first, you need to prepare your hair for hair brushing. A little amount of moisture serum you can apply from mid to ends of your hair. Your hairs must be dry before using a round brush. Otherwise, you are making wastage of your valuable time. Then spray your whole head lightly using a quality spray. Make sure it reaches the root areas of your hair.

2. Section your hair

The next is to section your hair. If you wish to build your desired shape from the bottom up, part your hair into sections. Personally, I make it into three layers. If you wish to create more layers, you can do so.

3. Use a concentrator nozzle

The best result you can have by using a concentrator nozzle on your blow dryer. It keeps the airflow concentrated on your working section. It successfully creates frizz on your hair.

4. Remove excess moisture

Remove the moisture even if you have short hair. You are wondering how to use a round brush on short hair. Don’t get surprised, that is also possible. The key purpose is to remove excess moisture from the hair that works roots to ends. This is the best way you can achieve your desired look much faster. Then run the brush through the first part of your hair. The process will help you remove any tangles exists on the hair.

5. Keep blowing on your hair

At first pick up a section of hair about 2 or 3 inches wide. If it is the first part of your hair, it better suits. Your chosen section should not be wider than your brush.Run your brush on the first part of the hair. Now you can place your round brush under the section you created. Then start turning down ward and away from your scalp. Make sure you direct the air flow toward the bottom of the brush by making angle your dryer away from you.

Continue this process towards your ends in the similar direction you are pulling.At last, pull your round brush through to complete the section. To create a volume on your hair, you must know how to use a round brush for volume.First, lift the sections at the root. Then you can straighten it up and use your round brush and dryer. You can find a great volume on your hair by using your round brush effectively.

6. Give it your desired direction

In your finished section, brush your hair in your desired direction. This direction will ultimately shape a blowout look on your hair. You can go back to the sections you choose with your round brush. You can brush them in your desired direction you want them to do. I will suggest you about an important issue regarding this topic. Don’t over brush your sections. Try to direct them in two or three directions.

Styles You can make Using a Round Brush and blow dryer

Your hairs are your asset to give a new shape to your look. You can make various kinds of style in your hair. A round brush is a useful tool to straighten your hair. All you should know how to use a round brush to straighten your own hair. If you want to curl your hair using a round brush, that is also possible to do. The process use a round brush to curl hair is necessary to know. To curl your hair, take your round brush and blow drier out to the last part of the hair. Then start rolling your round brush up and under with your hair. Just curl each section of the hair as you go. If your hair gets stuck in your brush in any way, just gently handle it with your fingers. Repeat the process until you get your desired curly hair. You can use a dry sectioning clip to secure your curly hair.

Here is a video about How to Use a Round Brush to straighten hair:

Some additional tips you should know

  • Never hold your round brush horizontally. There is a possibility to create more of a flip on your hair for this reason. Hold it vertically to create more of a spiral curl.
  • Don’t hold your blow drier in the same place for the longer period of time.
  • Be careful when you are blowing the drier. Let the hot air away from your face and scalp. It may cause a serious burning damage to you.
  • Direct the air flow to the right way. If you discover your hair is frizzing anyhow, you might feel irritated. It can happen when your air flow is wrongly directed towards the roots.

Final Thoughts

The techniques and steps I mentioned above about using a round brush on your hair make perfect sense. The end results might be pleasant for you when you are following the right process. A round brush moves on your hair with flexible movement and helps your hair look soft, glamorous with a wave. This article is definitely enough to let you know how to use a round brush on your own hair perfectly. So, master the technique and use it on your hair effectively.

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