Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Do you have unanticipated hair on your body? Are feeling shy of it? Are looking for a possible solution? Maybe this article might give you what you are looking for. Laser hair removal is one of the new technologies to remove hair permanently from any area of our body. So often, people are getting interested in doing a laser removal than any other process. It's effective, time-saving and pain-free, as a result, people are considering it.

In this article, we are going to discuss on how laser hair removal before and after makes a difference in your life with before and after comparison. Why wait? So let’s get started.

What is laser hair removal?

Before discussing laser hair removal before and after, at first, you have to know what is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a method that involves laser light to destroy the root of the hair(hair follicle). Laser beams are allowed to heat up the hair follicle with highly concentrated light. Pigments in that area absorb the light. Most importantly laser removal is less damaging.

Lasers target selectively dark, thick hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Laser treatment is time variant, varying from area to area, depending on what are we choosing. If we choose the leg, it will take near about hour to treat. But considering the upper portion of lips, a minute is enough to complete.

May be after considering all the facts, you have decided to do a laser hair removal treatment. Again, you are confused about its success. So, to have an effective treatment, you have certain rules to follow. So now we are focusing on the ground rules for the treatment. 

Here we discuss the main point to get best result and laser hair removal before and after treatment process. 

Rules to follow before treatment

Keep away from the sun

Keeping away from the sun is the best way to prepare for the treatment. Stay away for at least four to six weeks. You can never have a laser hair removal if you have the sunburn. Try to avoid during this period.

Clean shave the area of treatment

Shave the area if you want to do a laser removal. It’s not like waxing, so that hair is removed by itself. You have to shave at least the day before the treatment.

Avoid waxing

Waxing has a direct effect on the hair follicle. So, laser can’t destroy the hair follicle if the skin is waxed. It makes laser harder to penetrate. So, try to avoid waxing may be week or two before the procedure.

Keep distance from tanning beds and tanning lotion

Tanning lotion or tanning bed is harmful to use before laser hair treatment. Lasers mainly target the darkens pigments or so-called hair follicle. If anyone uses tanning lotion or clothes, your skin starts getting darker. In such case, it will cause the laser to provide unnecessary heat to the skin, which might cause skin burn time to time. Rather, try to avoid those products at least for a week before treatment.

Maybe you have already known about enough rules. Now let’s discuss on instructions after laser hair removal before and after for better lasting of the treatment.

Instruction for post treatment period

Ensure consistent treatment

Any laser treatment needs some series therapies to make successful in eradicating hair. For better result take six-seven sessions. But be consistent with each the procedure. Otherwise, it might not be the beneficiary.

Stay away from body spray and hot showers

For near about 24-48 hours after treatment avoids body spray, deodorant. Rather use the normal product. Experts suggest no product to use (i.e. lotion or makeup) on the skin to ensure better performance of session. Hot shower is unhealthy for these 48 hours. Better take a normal bath if necessary.

Use skin protection

After laser treatment skin turns vulnerable. So better go for sun block or other product, recommended by the dermatologist. Those will help to protect skin. Skin during this period loses its natural protective mechanism to prevent from outside adverse effect. Better try to focus on the skin in this period.

Avoid plucking after treatment

Tweezers or plucking is harmful after laser hair removal treatment. So, avoid those to make expected outcome from the treatment. Otherwise, it will enhance hair follicle to grow hair from the treated area. That will damage the whole improvement.

We have already discussed on what to do and what to not. Now let’s rather focus on the success after all.

Success depends on skin & number of therapy

Usually light and thick hair takes short sessions to be cured completely. Dark and thin hair takes long and lengthy sessions. Due to the pigmentation’s orientation, it varies from skin to skin. Lighter skin and darker hair are best for laser treatment. Darker skin and lighter hair mean rough situation to treat.

The success of this method more depends on therapy. For some persons, four-five therapy works out. Some person needs seven – eight sessions as well. So it’s hard to predict, but a good option is better to consult with physician or dermatologist about the type of skin.

Sometimes this method works well for four –six months then hair comes again. In that case, again consult with a doctor for a further appointment.

Pros and Cons

Laser hair removal might sound like a blessing when you are suffering from the problem called the unexpected growth of hair. But as a matter of fact, it might not seem like what we face every day. Some pros have already been discussed before.

Effect on the skin: Skin burn, discoloration of the skin, itching, swelling, pain, numbness is common during the procedure.

Not completely Permanent: Tough to say and hard to believe this not completely permanent solution.

Matching the laser device is also necessary for the particular type of skin.

Final Word

Everything has both pros and cons. it is the rule of nature. So laser hair removal treatment is no exception in such case. The success is hard to predict but rather than its situation dependent. Laser treatment has already proven to be an effective method. So you might get your answer about laser hair removal before and after. Cautions need to be kept in mind for a better result. So be conscious and enhance your beauty. Cause, its beauty you care most.

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