LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Laser Machine Reviews


Generally, it requires shaving twice a month to stay unwanted hairless with laser hair removal treatment. But unfortunately, most of us don't have enough time to go to parlor or beauty salon for shaving body or face with hair removal machine.


At such situation, LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Machine can be a great solution. IPL hair removal laser machine is a full body hair removal device that efficiently removes hairs from the root. It also gives a professional quality long lasting performance.

Curious? How?

Then you have to read further LumaRx IPL laser hair removal Machine Reviews.

Product Specifications of LumaRx IPL hair removal laser Machine


· Technology Used: IPL

· Cartridge Life: 65000 Flashes

· Energy Emits: 8 J per Centimeter square.

· Treatment cap: Two (Interchangeable)

· Wavelength: 60-1200

· Area covered: Face & Body

Features and Benefits of LumaRx IPL hair removal Machine

Removes Hair Efficiently

Rays of large wavelength reach the root of the hair. Therefore this one can remove hairs from their root. As a result, it doesn't require using shortly often. If you use LumaRx IPL hair removal machine, it will only require you to use this one only once in fifteen days. Therefore, for long-lasting IPL hair removal treatment, there is no substitute for this one. And especially, this one works great with black hairs, of that you are most conscious about.


Measuring its efficiency, we found that this can remove up to 94 percent of hair. Just after three treatments with this hair removal machine at home, the hair grows 66 percent compared to the normal.

Safe for Skin

LumaRx IPL hair removal device full body only uses electromagnetic radiations of large wavelength. Strong and effective filtration system prevents the gamma rays as well as the infra-red rays from coming out of the core. Therefore this one is safe with skins. As we all know that gamma rays cause disintegration to the DNA and cells. Again the infrared cause’s burn to the skin or anywhere, there is water. So from these aspects, LumaRx IPL hair removal is safe for any skin.


Long Term Use

Along with awesome performance activity and long-lasting.LumaRx hair removal also has long-term usability. The cartridge that emits ray is replaceable although other Ordinaries don't offer you this feature. Also, this cartridge can emit 65,000 flashes in its lifetime.


Easy to Use and Comfortable to use LumaRx IPL hair removal at home

Finally this one is very easy to use. Just flash this one for three seconds for body area and four seconds for the face are.

As I have mentioned above, LumaRx IPL hair removal doesn't emit any infrared ray. So, you won't feel any pain or have burned while using it. Even then you have any doubt you can read here.



Removes hair from the root.

Doesn’t cause any burn.

Painless hair removal.

Long lasting performance.

Very easy to use.

Less hair grows rate after a three dose course.

Long life as well as a replaceable cartridge.

For both male and female with some slight restriction.

Efficient with black hair.


Flashing area is small hence needing more flash.

Flashing time is more, hence takes a longer time to remove hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about LumaRx IPL laser hair removal device full body at home

Question: What is the Flashing time?

Answer: 4 minutes for face and 3 for the body.

Question: How long is the cartridge life?

Answer: 65000 flashes.

Question: Is Cartridge available out there?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I use this one for resurfacing?

Answer: No. it’s not of that type.

Question: Is this unisex?

Answer: Yes. But for male, there is some restriction.

Question: Should I use a different cap for different part of the body?

Answer: Yes. This is highly recommended.

Question: Do I need any hair removal cream before using it?

Answer: No. the manufacturer only recommend using this one on a clean and dry skin.

Final Thought

Doubtlessly, LumaRx IPL hair removal device full body will be an awesome device who can't manage time to go to beauty salon. Although this one takes time for hair removing process, when you have completed three cycles - you will get relatively less hair. Therefore, this handicap can be neglected easily.


For our reader, we highlight all about lumarx ipl hair removal device full body reviews. For long lasting professional performance, I recommend this LumaRx IPL hair removal device system for use at home without any doubt.



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